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Residence Permit in Turkey


Residence Permit Application Procedure in Turkey

Foreign nationals that come to Turkey with a visa or a visa exemption are allowed to stay maximum for 30, 60 or 90 days of time in one entrance. Foreign nationals that wish to stay longer than the given time are obliged to get a residence permit in Turkey.

Residence Permits in Turkey: All You Need to Know in 2015:

Effective as of May 18 2015, apply or extend residence permit only by one click!

First, these are the documents you need to complete the online application:

1. A valid tourist or residence visa/permit
– Your passport must have at least 60 days validity beyond the date of expiry of the permit you are applying for. (Except for the Long Term Residence Permit).

2. A biometric photo to upload on the site.
– You can take photos of yourself at home. Need to pay attention, that photo should look in a clear and unambiguous manner. (Please check it corresponds to the requirements an explanation of how the photo should look to be considered “biometric”.)
– This photograph must have been taken within the last 6 months.
– The photo must be the same as the photos you will submit with the other required documents supporting your application.

3. Your passport and existing residency card, if you have one (for reference).

4. Photocopies of your passports information/photo page and the page which has your visa for your last date of entry.

5. Proof that you have the financial means to stay in the country for the length of time you require ie $500 per month or its equivalent in another currency. This has to be presented in the form of a statement from your Turkish bank.

6. A print-out of the online form you filled in.

7. A proof of health insurance. You can get health insurance in Turkey for the whole time you’re applying for a Resident Permit.

8. A proof of address. For this, a copy of signed contract between your landlord and yourself is required. This copy needs to be notarized as well. If you are subletting, you need to go with your flat mate to either the notary or your local village headman “Muhtar” or general directorate of civil registration and nationality “Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü” to register yourself and get a document proving your address.

First Time Residence Permit Application

– If you are applying for a long term residence permit, after meeting the requirements then you should use the first application option.

– If you’re first-time application, you must make a reservation to go to the office. If you are renewing, you don’t have to visit to the office. You can make all your permit transactions online and via post or courier.

Applicants should make Residence Permit (RP) applications before tourist visa expires.

1. Visit to the DGMM (Directorate General of Migration Management) website www.goc.gov.tr (if required, choose the English language version)

2. Click on E-Ikamet (e-Residence)

3. Fill in the online application form.
– Choose “application for extension“, if you are simply renewing an existing STRP, Family Residence Permit (FRP) or Students Residence Permit (SRP). Choose “first application” for all other cases.
– Choose the type of permit you require. (Long term residence permits are only available, if you have held a “blue book”)
– Fill in all the details (the red highlighted fields must be filled, the black fields are optional).
– In the next stage, the documents which you prepared will be required from you.
– Choose a convenient appointment date and time.
– You will be shown a screen confirming your application. Given an application reference number. Keep this number and print out if possible. You also need to click on the “residence permit application document” link.

4. Pay the residence permit and document fees.
– The fees must be paid at a branch of HALKBANK or your local Tax Office (Vergi Dairesi).
– The residence permit document cost is 55 TL. (İkamet tezkere harcı izin belgesi)
– The residence permit fee is 85 $. (İkamet tezkere harcı müracaat bedeli)

5. Prepare all corresponding certificate. Keep them ready for your appointment depending on if you are renewing or having a first time application.

6. Visit the Directorate General of Migration Management (Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü) with your corresponding certificates.

7. Assessment of your application will follow. If there is any missing document(s) you will be given 30 days to submit the document(s) and complete the application. At the end of 30 days if any missing documentation is not submitted then the application will be considered abandoned which will lead to a penalty fee.

8. If your application is accepted you will be given a Proof of Application document. Your residence permit is send with the Turkish postal system to your address in Turkey within 90 days.

9. You may follow your post delivery with a barcode number which you may get it from PTT (Post Office). You can track the delivery status with this barcode number.

– If your application for a residence permit is unsuccessful, the DGMM (Directorate General of Migration Management) will contact you.

– Once your application has been generated on the online system, you can legally remain in Turkey until the appointment date.

Renewals of Residence Permits in Turkey

Follow the first 5 steps (as for first time applicants) then:
6. Send your application by post / courier to the Directorate General of Migration Management (Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü) in your city where you live.